I'm David, I design Minecraft experiences. But most importantly, I love what I do.

David Chiecca

Minecraft Map Creator

📍 Milan, Italy

I'm the person behind Cimap, the YouTube channel making commands.


I'm a Minecraft Bedrock map developer, now working in the Minecraft Marketplace publishing with Pathways Studios Ltd.


➕ Behavior Pack

➕ Command Mechanic

➕ Level Design

➕ 3D Models


➕ VSCode

➕ Adobe Photoshop

➕ Blockbench

➕ Amulet/MCCTool Chest

Other Interests

Video Editing (Adobe Premiere proficient user), Static Website Developement (HTML, CSS, entry level JavaScript), Social Media Content Creation.

My Work

Create Fire

New attack abilities!

Play Minecraft as an Ant

A full-length adventure story!

Outdoor Furniture

Your backyard could use better furniture! 🤔
Ⓒ Cimap